01-01-17 Madrone Wall Update (Mazama Bulletin)

12-19-16 Madrone Wall Development Permit – Issued (Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development)

11-30-16 Trail Taking Shape for Madrone Wall Access (Clackamas Review)

12-23-15 Madrone Wall to Open (Clackamas Review)

10-01-15 Madrone Wall Update (Mazama Bulletin)

06-04-15 Madrone Wall Park Plan

04-07-15 Request BCC Support for Madrone Wall Park Opening

03-08-15 (Oregon City News) Now is the time for county officials to open Madrone Wall Park to public

03-01-15 Madrone Wall Update (Mazama Bulletin)

01-29-15 Request to Commissioner Schrader Leadership to Open Madrone Wall Park

12-01-11 Clackamas County Parks Request Your Input at Madrone Wall Wildfire Mitigation Meeting

09-07-10 “Paving the way for a new park” (The Clackamas Review)

09-12-10 Volunteer Trail Building Day at Madrone Wall

06-27-10 Volunteer Trail Building Day at Madrone Wall

05-23-10 Volunteer Trail Building Day at Madrone Wall

04-17-10 Annual Wildflower Tour

04-06-10 MWPC Mailer and Update

03-15-10 Climber’s dream inspires what could be Clackamas County’s newest park (The Oregonian)

12-10-09 48% increase in number of plants in site plant survey – Now over 100 native plants identified

12-16-09 Support Letters from Elected Officials for County’s Military Assistance Application to Oregon National Guard

11-29-09 Pro Bono Engineering Expertise Requested to Create Park Construction Documents (Press Release)

11-25-09 Clackamas County Parks Request for Military Assistance Application(1.9 MBytes)

11-12-09 Final Order of Conditional Use Permit for Madrone Wall (Public Hearing Result)

11-04-09 Clackamas County Parks Innovative Readiness Training Application to Oregon National Guard(4.2 MBytes)

10-30-09 Metro Land Acquisition Near Madrone Wall

10-22-09 Madrone Wall Preservation Committee Testimony at Public Hearing

10-22-09 Notice of Public Hearing – Madrone Wall Park Status

10-15-09 Clackamas Transportation Department Staff Report on Madrone Wall Park Status

08-11-09 Clackamas County Parks Conditional Use Permit Application(1.5 MBytes)

06-25-09 Madrone Wall Presentation at Portland’s Mountain Hardware Store(2.5 MBytes)

05-16-09: Slides from Madrone Wall Restoration Event (3.8 MBytes)

05-16-09 Volunteer Restoration Event – Madrone Wall

04-19-09 Annual Wildflower Tour – Madrone Wall

04-19-09 Madrone Wildflower Tour Presentation

04-15-09 “Grant is a step toward park at Madrone Wall” (The Oregonian)

04-04-09 Oregon’s U.S. Congress Delegation, Metro, City of Damascus, etc. Support Park Funding (3.3 MBytes)

03-04-09 “Madrone Wall to become a park” (Clackamas Review)

02-05-09 “Via Bearzi” Film Screeing Festival & Madrone Wall Benefit at Hollywood Theater

01-28-09 Timely Park Creation Requested of County

01-14-09 Madrone Wall Update

11-20-08 Proposed Estimated Madrone Wall Park Creation Timeline (Clackamas County)

11-21-08 Up against the Madrone Wall – and saving it” (The Oregonian)

10-21-08 Madrone Wall soars as Clackamas County’s newest park (Clackamas Review)

10-29-08 Madrone Wall Final Concept Design – DRAFT

10-29-08: KGW News Channel 8 Madrone
Wall Television Segment (4.8 MBytes)

10-29-08 Madrone Wall Public Meeting #3

11-10-08 Fundraiser Slideshow – Picket Range, Washington

10-15-08 Madrone Wall Update

09-24-08 Madrone Wall Public Meeting #2

09-24-08 Preliminary Madrone Wall Park Concept Plans.

08-06-08 Madrone Wall Map – Existing Conditions

09-27-08 Volunteer Invasive Plant Pull at Madrone Wall

Madrone Wall Public Meeting #1

07-14-08 Madrone Wall Flier

03-13-08 Clackamas County Request for Proposal – Madrone Wall Parks Master Plan

03-01-08 Timely Park Creation Warranted

02-13-08 Clackamas County Heritage Tree Nomination Form – Old Growth Douglas-Fir Trees at Madrone Wall
(4.9 MBytes)

02-13-08 Clackamas County Heritage Tree Nomination Form – Pacific Madrone
Trees at Madrone Wall
(5.2 MBytes)

02-01-08 Land Manager/Climber Summit at Nike

12-14-07 Request: Madrone Wall park creation effort progress

11-21-07 Information from Rob Smoot

08-08-07 Metro Council advocates property acquisition along Clackamas River Bluffs near Madrone Wall

04-22-07 Earth Day Presentation

04-18-07 Park Funding But Unwarranted Implementation Delay

04-13-07 Metro Greenspace Refinement Input/Madrone Wall

02-09-07 Federal Appropriattions Request/Madrone Wall

02-16-07 Letter to Dan Zinzer

02-04-07 Madrone Wall Update

12-08-06 Letter to BCC

04-11-06 Madrone Wall Update

02-01-06 MWPC Press Release

01-31-06 OPB Radio Story “A Long Way To A New Park”

01-31-06 OPB Broadcast in MP3 format (4.9 mb)

01-17-06 Letter to Commissioners

01-17-06 Organizational Support

01-07-06 Madrone Wall Update

11-21-05 Madrone Wall Update

11-14-05 Letter to BCC

10-13-05 Madrone Wall Update

08-26-05 Letter to Mary Swanson

10-09-05 Madrone Benefit and Tour

08-10-05 Article in Molalla Pioneer

Madrone Wall Appraisal

Letter to CCBOC on Appraisal

Sample Letter to

Future of Madrone Wall
MWPC Powerpoint presentation in PDF format

Part 1 (955 kb)
Part 2 (1.25 mb)
Part 3 (558 kb)